Monday, June 15, 2015

UConn 1934

I thought I had given this uniform from our Rivalry Week feature its own freestanding entry, but I was wrong. The Huskies' recent smack-talking of Central Florida had me thinking about the whole ram-napping escapade again, so here we go.

The 1934 UConn uniform was a one-year style (even then the team had a hard time sticking with one style!) that was unique for a few reasons:

1) It was the first UConn jersey with numbers on the front;
2) It appears to have employed Rhody/Columbia-esque light blue trim on a dirty gray jersey;
3) It was the last year before the school adopted the "Huskies" nickname. (All the sports entries in the Nutmeg yearbook refer to the teams as the "Nutmeggers" or "Blue and White.")

The first page of the football entry from the 1935 Nutmeg yearbook.
When kidnapping the other team's mascot is considered the season's high point,
you know it's been a long season. 

The Huskies-in-waiting went 1-7 in '34 and were shut out six times, with their only win coming against Coast Guard. 

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