Thursday, August 6, 2015

Harvard Crimson (2008-11)

Alas, not all posts are created equal on this blog, especially when certain teams are hidebound in tradition, such as Harvard. The Crimson should be admired for their commitment to a classy, near-flawless uniform, but the flip side means "historical" posts such as this one. The only difference between the uniform you see here and the current model is the shape of the "H" on the helmet. It was short and squat; now it's tall and slender.

Years from now, uniform critics, scientists and philosophers will continue to debate why Harvard ditched the wide "H" for a skinnier one. Perhaps the Crimson discriminates against overweight letters? Is the current "H" younger, prettier, more vibrant and nubile? Did the old "H" put up a bad attitude, ask for more guaranteed money up front? And hey, maybe it wasn't dumped; perhaps it just walked out of Cambridge on its own. And what's it doing for a living now? Adorning the helmet of some high school in the Midwest? Living off an early retirement package in Bal Harbour?

The world may never know.

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