Monday, August 24, 2015

Holy Cross Crusaders (1992)

It's not uncommon for an FCS team -- my Black Bears immediately come to mind -- to change one set of jerseys one year and the other set the next. Holy Cross took it one step further in 1992 under new coach Peter Vaas. At home, Crusaders ditched the numbered helmets for a new block "HC" logo, which also appeared on the shirt sleeves and pants. 

A '93 Holy Cross media guide with the new '92 home uniform.

It's a little hard to make out here, but the Holy Cross QB on the left
is sporting the old jersey and pants with the new '92 helmet.
From The Lafayette newspaper.

But on the road, Holy Cross not just kept the road jersey from the Mark Duffner era -- completely different font, striping and manufacturer -- but the pants, too! Perhaps the Saders felt the silver trim on the jerseys meshed better with the silver pants. In '93, Holy Cross debuted road jerseys that paralleled the homes, and the white pants finally saw action away from Fitton Field.

A 1994 Holy Cross schedule shows the updated '93 road uni.

Want more from Holy Cross? Look here: 201420132004-081986-911973-74197219711967-701951-55. Rivalry Week: Boston College-Holy Cross.

OK, this has NOTHING to do with Holy Cross, or even football. But check the
byline for this 1992 Yale-Holy Cross gamer from the Yale Daily News.
Thankfully for Red Sox (and Cub) fans, the author abandoned sportswriting for baseball.

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