Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Year Later: Greatest Hits

With Monday marking the one-year anniversary of this blog, I thought I'd do a quick rundown of my 10 favorite uniforms I've posted ... so far. These are in no particular order.

Vermont Catamounts, 1974. Without a doubt, the most colorful, unique and outrageous pre-21st century style on this blog. Monochrome, curved numbers, stripes of all shapes and sizes ... this is the most glorious mess ever created. Also the end of an era at UVM.

Boston University Terriers, 1968-70. I've always dug the interlocking, not-quite-Baylor "BU" on the helmets and the small "BOSTON UNIVERSITY" lettering across the jersey front.

Maine Black Bears, 1974. For me, this was the height of the winged-helmet era at Maine, with the right dose of light blue trim on the uniform and cool-looking numbers on the side of the helmets. ... when the Black Bears decided to wear numbers on the helmets.

Dartmouth Indians/Big Green/Whatever, 1936-38. I wouldn't want to see Dartmouth add gold to the color scheme now, but the Red Blaik-era leatherhead uniform is pretty awesome. The striped helmets with gold panels rule, too.

Cornell Big Red, 1980-82.  This might be the second-most colorful, unique and outrageous pre-21st century style on this blog. 

Boston College Eagles, 1984. I'll admit this entry is likely out of nostalgia. The uniform itself might not seem special, but the guys who wore it in '84 certainly were. And the Cotton Bowl patch is pretty neat.

Sacred Heart Pioneers, 2013-14. Because clean and simple uniforms can still work in college football.

Rhode Island Rams, 1983-90. This is another one that might be clouded by nostalgia, but I love it anyway.

UMass Minutemen, 1978. The road jersey is a one-year style, with juuuust enough gold trim to offset the maroon and white. The "UM" minuteman logo is one of my favorite sports logos of all time.

1978-83 UNH Wildcats. OK, I posted this only in the Rivalry Week entry, but this was an early version of a classic design that went unchanged for nearly 25 years. I'll make a more detailed post about this uniform soon.

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