Thursday, August 13, 2015

UConn Huskies (1958-60)

The UConn Huskies, despite a fairly distinguished football history, have one of the last stable uniform traditions of anyone in this project. (And yes, they've trotted out a new look for 2015.) From a researcher's standpoint, it can be simultaneously frustrating and rewarding; you think you've finished a uniform, then something you didn't notice pops up. 

Case in point: UConn's 1957-63 unis. Every year, some small change was made: a helmet stripe here, a sock there, a number font somewhere else. Researching these doggies doesn't require a magnifying glass; an electron microscope is more like it.

We looked at 1957 here; we'll look at 1961-63 at another time.

I'm cheating with this one; those are the '57 uniforms Yale (left)
and UConn are wearing here, but this picture is too awesome to ignore.

The '58 uniform kept things fairly straightforward, but '59 saw the return of blue pants on the road, plus the addition of special striped socks worn only with those pants. Not all the white jerseys used the same size numbers on the front.

The 1958 Huskies, from the '59 Nutmeg yearbook.
The '59 Huskies on the sideline.
Does any team actually line the bench like that any more?

In '60, both color pants were worn with the white jerseys, and a neat "C" was added to the striped socks. Can you spot the difference in the two 1960 graphics? Check the helmets: some used a block font, others, a curved font.

The '60 Huskies, on the field and the bench.

For all the inconsistencies, this was a pretty hot time for the program, as the Huskies won or shared five straight Yankee Conference titles from 1956-60. 

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And I bet you thought Jonathan was just some guy in a dog costume
who appeared in SportsCenter commercials.

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