Thursday, November 12, 2015

Holy Cross Crusaders (1956-59)

In the early 1950s, Holy Cross used purple in more muted tones, as the Crusaders generally wore white jerseys at home to go with their silver pants and helmets.

That changed somewhat in 1956, when the Saders debuted purple helmets and pants. White shirts were still worn at home, but on the rare occasion when they broke out the purple jerseys ... Well, imagine a team of giant raisins taking the field. (Lousy comparison, but it's late, so gimme a break, OK?) As I think I've said before, purple has less margin of error than other colors, and late-50s Holy Cross stands as exhibit A, especially in an era when monochrome uniforms were uncommon.

Even the Crusaders must have realized this, as the purple shirts were shelved for a few years after the '57 season. (Of course, they've been brought back in recent seasons ...)

The all-purple Holy Cross uniform, in all its glory.
What I'd give for a color picture ...

By '59, a plain short-sleeved white shirt was worn for early-season warm-weather games.

The not-as-gaudy uniform with the white shirts.

And the short-sleeved plain shirts worn for warm-weather games.
They don't look like more than glorified practice shirts.

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