Monday, November 30, 2015

UMass Redmen (1951-52)

When studying the era when UMass used gold/yellow as an accent color, one can't help but notice a passing resemblance between the Red/Minutemen and their football brethren on Chestnut Hill, although that shouldn't be said too loudly around a UMass supporter.

But check out these uniforms from 1951-52: If they didn't have the UMass tag at the bottom, you would have thought it was a BC uniform, right? Hell, I'd have thought it was a BC uni.

The 1951 UMass uniform, right, with gold helmet and pants ...

... and the '52 version, when a funky white helmet
began to see action.

Gold continued to be bold at UMass throughout the '50s. In '52, a funky white helmet began seeing some playing time, and by '53, white helmets and pants had taken over, only for the gold to return in '55. The gold helmets were dumped in '58 and the pants hung around until '60. Gold stuck around as jersey trim on and off until 1985.

Much, much more from the Minutemen: 201420132000-021986-871978-84197419721966-68, 1960-621938-39.

Alumni Field, the home of UMass football until 1965, is shown in 1952.
Check out the close proximity of the track and baseball field.
I presume the stands on the right were moveable.
Wonder if a track meet and baseball game were ever held at the same time?

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