Thursday, July 21, 2016

Vermont Catamounts (1940-42)

As I think I've pointed out before, Vermont's uniforms could have been Oregon before Oregon was hip, considering some of the uniforms the Catamounts trotted out before their untimely demise in 1974. Check out these screaming yellow zonkers UVM wore until World War II put the program in mothballs for three years. Judging by the photos, it appears not all the yellow parts matched properly, which would probably cause a riot on the message boards if that happened today.

The 1942 Vermont Catamounts, the last team before war shut the program down.

Members of the 1941 Cats ham it up for the Ariel yearbook camera.

Also note the small white outline around the numbers; I don't believe too many teams did two-tone numbers then.

By Vermont standards, this team wasn't too bad, going 4-4, 2-6 and 4-3.

More pictures of the 1942 Catamounts. Those old-fashioned poses always rule.
Want more uniforms from the ol' 802? Of course you do! 1946-481962-631964-671968-691970-74.

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