Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vermont Catamounts (1946-48)

We conclude our quick trip through college football's graveyard with a look at some Vermont uniforms from the end of the leatherhead era. Vermont may be the home of a state university that gave up the sport more than 40 years ago and a high school all-star team that hasn't defeated New Hampshire in the Shrine Bowl since 2000, but passionate football fans can most definitely be found among the organic farms and Bernie signs.

It appears the Catamounts stuck with one jersey for their first postwar uniform, although it's hard to be certain -- some games are just flat-out lost to history from a photography standpoint and we'll never know what was worn for a particular game. There's a passing resemblance between the late-40s Cats and the early-50s Green Bay Packers

The 1946 Vermont uniform.
These are all from the Ariel yearbook.

In '47, a white jersey was added and the green jersey spouted a sleeve stripe -- just one -- in 48. The pants have those strange back stripes, which I think everyone else ditched during the Hoover administration. 

The '47 white jersey. This is not the
baseball hall of famer, BTW.

A little night action against Middlebury, which was
Vermont's traditional season-ending opponent until the late 1960s.
The Burlington Daily News was owned by the one and only
William Loeb and folded in 1961.
BONUS: For you Vermont completists, the 1968 uniform has been updated to include a third jersey, which is actually an old mid-60s top.

Want more uniforms from the ol' 802? Of course you do! 1962-631964-671968-691970-74.

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