Thursday, August 4, 2016

Yale Bulldogs (2006-11)

After all eight Ivy League teams wore Nike uniforms in 2015, Yale broke ranks this year and unveiled new duds made by Under Armour, the folks who made it fashionable for athletes to show off their man-boobs by wearing really tight shirts. Wisecracks aside, the only noticeable difference from last year is the addition of the "YALE" wordmark across the front and the small, classy "Y" on the pants. A fine effort, says I.

Yale's Aughties uniform, made by Nike, also did very little to the classic look. The big differences compared with the 1960s-90s uniform are the outline on the helmet's "Y" and the bulldog logo on the "sleeves" (which had just about vanished from football unis by this point). Sleeve logos seem to have gone the way, of, well, sleeves outside the NFL, whose unis really look outdated compared with its college counterparts -- something I think I've ranted about already.

One other thing: Notice the sock uniformity, something that went out with other teams during the 1980s.

The 2006 Yale road uniform ...

... and the 2007 home version.

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