Monday, January 30, 2017

Yale Bulldogs (1949-53)

Few schools in this project say "continuity" like Yale. Slap a big ol' "Y" on the sides of the helmet, and these unis could almost pass off for the current model. In the current climate of flavor-of-the-week uniforms, it's a comforting thing. White helmets, white pants, blue shirts-n-socks ... you know what you're getting from the Bulldogs. (Of course, Yale switched to gold pants for a few years in the mid-50s, but that's for another post. Oh, wait ...

Yale takes on Holy Cross in 1950 in a picture
from the Yale Banner yearbook.

Note that a white road jersey was worn only in 1952, as several teams, including Harvard, Yale and Boston University, wore a white jersey only when they absolutely had to, such as when they visited a team with a similar jersey color. (In Yale's case, it was a game at Navy.)

Not the best quality reproduction, but here's Yale in the rarely-worn
white jersey at Navy in 1952. Yale Daily News pic.

One of the more remarkable Yale players in history wore this uniform. New Haven native Levi Jackson became the Bulldogs' first African-American captain in 1949, an event that attracted front-page attention from the New York Times. After his playing days, he became an executive at Ford Motor Company (the first African-American to hold an executive title with Ford). You can read more about him here.

Levi Jackson graces the cover of a late-40s pulp magazine.
There's something strange about a pioneer like Jackson sharing the cover
with a pin-up girl, but oh well. 

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