Monday, October 12, 2015

Rhode Island Rams (1962)

Rhode Island's "traditional" uniform generally features ram horns on the helmet and lots of light blue, but the Rams aren't afraid to deviate every so often, such as with their navy jerseys the last few years.

The Rams scope the scene in the all-blue home uniform.

Rhody takes on Brown in the all-white uniform.

Nineteen sixty-two featured a little bit of column A and a little bit of column B. While Rhody returned to horned helmets after an absence of several years, it also switched to navy blue jerseys, last worn in the mid-1940s. Of note is the monochrome all-blue look, a rarity for the 1960s. Even though they debuted new home and road jerseys, the Rams continued to wear the '61 roads (with light blue numbers) for a few games.

The alternate road with the 1962 jerseys (top)
and the home uniform with white pants (above).

There are more uniforms out there from Rhody: 201420131997-991983-921976-82, 1967-7119661957-611936-39. Rivalry Week: UConn-Rhody.

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