Monday, October 5, 2015

Princeton Tigers (1945-46)

Alas, most of my Princeton posts so far on this little ol' blog have been rehashes of their minute uniform changes of the 1970s and '80s. Time to get a little adventurous.

At the end of World War II, the Tigers' uniforms sported orange front numbers with a white outline -- the first instance of two-toned numbers I can find among the teams covered here. By my best guesstimates, the back numbers were white -- it's hard to tell when looking through 70-year-old newspapers -- and they wore tan pants. (They appear darker than Princeton's pants from '47 onward. My guess is that the Tigers switched to gray pants in '47.)  No white jerseys were worn.

Princeton takes on Columbia in 1945. Not sure where this picture came from.
Football photos from wartime/immediate postwar college papers are rare, for obvious reasons.

A nice shot of the 1946 uniform, with the two-toned number.
Nothing says "old school" like wingbacks, which make me
hungry for wings, actually.

For '46, the helmets went from leather to plastic, which makes the Tigers the first team on this blog to make the switch, to the best of my knowledge. (Delaware didn't go plastic until the mid-60s. Talk about a traditional school.) 

A neat photo of Princeton against Yale and
the great Levi Jackson in 1946.
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