Tuesday, October 20, 2015

UConn Huskies (1989-93); plus a bonus!

In an earlier post, we discussed UConn's 1980s uniforms, which were a rare oasis of stability after (and before) years of inconsistency and one- or two-year wonders. But in 1989, the Huskies did something odd: They kept virtually the exact same uniform, but changed the primary color from navy blue to royal blue. Not counting recent alternate uniforms (Dartmouth, UMass), I can't recall a team fiddling with one of its colors like this while keeping the exact same uniform. Perhaps the school was still trying to figure out what constituted "national flag blue."

As was the case with the royal blue version, some teeny-tiny alterations were made over the years. Stripes were added to the V-neck, the sleeve numbers became shoulder numbers and a Yankee Conference patch was added in '93. In '94, Skip "Not the Real" Holtz -- whose famous dad was a Huskies assistant in the 1960s -- took over as coach and the unis underwent another overhaul.

These UConn media guide covers show off the Huskies' early-90s uniforms.
Magnifi-Zeke? Sometimes, it's better to use no pun at all
rather than stretch for one.
As noted by this post's title, I promised a bonus, and here it is. For God knows what reason, the Huskies have farted around with the face masks in the Bob Dicao era. This year's helmets are white, but have blue face masks some weeks, red the others (I prefer the blue). Last season (Diaco's first), the uniforms were a carryover from the 2013 school-wide graphic overhaul and used three helmets: Blue with white face masks, white with blue face masks and white with white face masks. I wasn't aware of the third helmet version until after my original 2014 uniform post, and for months, it's been hanging over me like income tax day or car inspection time. (When I go to bed at night, I say "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy and God bless the Helmet Project.")

So, better late than ever, here are the updated 2014 UConn uniforms. The original 2014 post has also been updated. Now I can get some sleep.

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If more mascots would just hug it out,
this world would be a far better place.

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