Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rhode Island Rams (1963-65)

With the NFL Rams' imminent return to Los Angeles in the news this week, I thought the time was appropriate to take a look at those other Rams and a uniform that bore a striking resemblance to those of their Left Coast brethren.

Rhody (left) takes on UNH in 1963. The guy on the left is either about
to make a spectacular catch or a spectacular near-catch.

Merlin Olsen of the LA Rams, who wore a slightly lighter shade
of blue than their Rhody namesakes.

Rhode Island's 1963-65 uniform mirrors those the NFL Rams wore from 1964-72, which means Rhody beat LA to the punch. Clearly, when the LA Rams were looking to make a change, they searched far and wide for inspiration and finally found it in bucolic Kingston, R.I.

OK, maybe not.


I still prefer the late-60s version of the uniform, just because when I think of Rhody, I think light blue, but this uniform is perfectly acceptable.

There are more uniforms out there from Rhody: 201420131997-991983-921976-821967-711966, 19621957-611936-39. Rivalry Week: UConn-Rhody.

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