Thursday, January 21, 2016

Princeton Tigers (1947-48)

Consistency is a double-edged sword in this project. Keeping the same look for years is a great tribute to tradition, but it also can suck some of the fun out of research. But it's still pretty cool to look at Princeton's late-40s uniform and see how little it changed until the 1970s. The orange helmet with the black stripe, the black tiger-striped shirt with white numbers, the light gray pants -- the basic template was in place by '47. Only a few minor changes (helmet numbers, face masks) were made over the next two decades or so. 

Princeton and Brown face off in 1947.
Those Tiger numbers need their own zoning ordinance, they're so big. 

Against Penn, 1947. Daily Princetonian pix, BTW.

There was no road jersey -- for some reason, many Ivy League schools (Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia) considered it blow their dignity to have a white jersey, perhaps because they played so many home games back then. And check out the numbers on the back -- they're HY-OOGE! They shrank in '49.

Against Rutgers, 1948, a zillion years before the Knights joined
the Big Ten -- or B1G for those who watch too much ESPN.

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