Monday, January 11, 2016

Boston College Eagles (1978-80)

Don't you hate it when you have a bad day or go through a rough patch and someone tells you, "Hey, it could be worse?" Well, that could be the case with Boston College this past season after winning only three games -- two versus FCS teams.

In 1978, the Eagles went 0-11 under new coach Ed Chlebek, even losing to the likes of UMass and Holy Cross. The season ended with a 28-24 loss to Temple in something called the Mirage Bowl in Tokyo, hotbed of football. After the season, Chlebek was fired, and replaced with ... Chlebek, who was rehired after the players persuaded AD Bill Flynn to give him another shot. The Eagles responded by going 5-6 and 7-4 the next two years before Chlebek took the head job at Kent State (at Flynn's urging. Hmmm ...). In '81, Jack Bicknell was coach, Doug Flutie was the quarterback, and 1978 seemed like, well, a mirage. 

A nice close-up of the 1978 NC home uniform.
All pix are from the Sub Turri yearbook.
BC in action, 1979. Why does No. 10's ball have an NFL logo on it despite
also having the white stripes of the NCAA ball?

The uniforms bear a strong resemblance to the Flutie-era unis, only with more conservative stripes on the pants. No. 71 was future NFL lineman and talk-show gabber Fred Smerlas.

Again, thanks to the phenomenal Boston College Football Vault for the historical info.

Feed Smerlas, 1978.

BC on the road in 1980. I'm glad Pittsburgh has revived the bouncy "Pitt" logo.
Craving some more BC unis? Look right here: 

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