Thursday, March 9, 2017

Brown Bears (1959-65)

Somehow, I've gone more than 2 1/2 years without talking about this classic uniform.  Brown's 1959-65 uniform has a decidedly Princeton look and feel to it*, although I believe the Bears wore something similar decades earlier (confession: outside the three NEC teams, I probably have less info on Brown than any other team in this project, at least pre-1950). Brown shirt, white sleeves and brown stripes at home; a perfect mirror image on the road. In 1962, a number was added to the helmet, putting a nice cherry on the top.

A couple Daily Princetonian shots from 1961 of Brown's uniform,
against the team that (possibly) inspired it.

I posted this bizarre picture before with my 1959-60 Yale post,
but I just have to repeat it here for Brown. Although
the player in the photo is wearing the 1958 helmet,
those lids were never worn with the 1959 uni.
The team, alas, was a dud in these duds, as the Bears went 17-51-3 under coach John McLaughry (son of Tuss McLaughry, the great Brown coach and OK Dartmouth coach) from 1959-66. The Ivy League of the era consisted of the haves (Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Princeton) and the have-nots (Cornell, Brown, Columbia and Penn), and the Bears mustered just one winning record while wearing these unis.

Brown against Princeton again, this time from 1964.

Brown tangles with Rhode Island in 1964.
Note the addition of the number on the helmet. 

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* Somehow, I've also gone this long without discussing the classic Princeton uniform much, other than in the Rivalry Week post with Dartmouth. It's what happens when you spend too much time hunting down the obscurities.

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